Blow It Away

Try this: As well as moving toward your goals through physical action, simultaneously clear a path on the inner level by blowing love and Light out ahead of you.

For example, if there is a person in your way, your (female) boss, for example, start every morning by sitting quietly and seeing her in your mind’s eye. Bring her up close to you so you are almost eyeball to eyeball; then breathe a long breath in, and expel that breath out into her heart. No matter how antagonistic you may feel, send her Light and love, and do that ceremoniously 11 times. She will change, you’ll see.

If you need certain people out of your way, don’t wish them harm or evil, just do this: After you have finished the 11 breaths, visualize them very small in the palm of your hand. Look down on them from above; look at them standing there in your hand, an inch high, for example. Then hold your hand up to your mouth and expel a short, sharp breath at them. Literally blow them away, saying, “I release you with love and Light to go in peace to your highest good, but go!”

Using this method, I got rid of a bothersome IRS tax agent who had been harassing me for 18 months. A few days of this metaphysical hurricane, and he quit the service. The next bloke assigned to my case was so overworked and confused and stressed out that he closed my file with no more objections.

If, say, you’re off to an important meeting today, breathe in the location if you know it; see it in your mind’s eye if you have been there before; or visualize the people. Or, at worst, just imagine the meeting. Breathe in 11 times, and send love and Light to that location. Remember to tell your mind approximately what time the meeting will be. So say, “I am projecting this love and Light to such and such a location for use between the hours of noon and two o’clock or whatever.”

Use your inner power equally with your outer strength. That inner power places good energy ahead of you. It gets rid of dodgy people and helps close the gap between you and money.

From “The Little Money Bible” by Stuart Wilde, one of the real characters of the self-help, human potential movement and author of many books. Published by Hay House, Inc.