Co-Creating Your Life Through Imagination

What we wish to manifest in our lives, we must first imagine. Through imagination you enter the realm of the source level of creativity that is itself yearning to be recognized. In this realm, there is much more to you. You have more antennae to receive the genius and the powers of the quantum field.

We use the imagination as a portal to this field. And then, even imagination is transcended when the Universe begins to operate through us. We become imaginal. We exist in the quantum field of consciousness. We are no longer caught in our own habits. We are given the blueprint, guidance, forms and patterns, of what, up to now, we have only imagined.

Right now your intention exists as a possibility, but it’s not yet a probability. You have to increase the probability, and the way you do that is to imagine this thing you desire so dramatically that it overrides all your old feelings of doubt and dilemma.

Invite the quantum field of all potentials to join you in the creation of your intention. Call it in. Reach out and bring its tides and powers into your local field. Swim in it. Immerse yourself totally in this quantum field of all potentials.

The Universe, with its infinite ideas and treasures, now is able, by your invitation, to bring to your experience this and so much more, to fill in the gaps and expand your intention. That’s why you should always say, “This or something better!”

Work diligently to develop your internal sensory system for each of the levels. Imagine them frequently and vividly. This will open the portals of the mind for the imaginal realm wherein your Quantum Powers reside.

But to start, you must be able to imagine it. That’s why it’s so important to build internal structures that support the imaginal. This happens on four levels: physical/sensory, physiological, mythic/symbolic, and spiritual.

Work diligently to develop your internal sensory system for each of the levels. Imagine them frequently and vividly. This will open the portals of the mind for the imaginal realm wherein your Quantum Powers reside, and this realm has the hooks and eyes, the catchments and casements, to catch the news of the Universe that is waiting to help you to enter into your larger life.

You have access to all of this. With practice, you can drop into your intention, enter the imaginal world, and things will rise up in your life to manifest what you desire.


The Physical Sensory Level  

This is where your senses are so heightened that you can experience anything in your imagination as if it were occurring in real-time, physical form.

    Inner taste: Chew an apple in your mind. Feel the juice bursting between your teeth. Have a salad of wild greens that bite back, chastened by a little bit of almond oil and a touch of lemon.

    Inner touch: Feel the long, bony nose of a horse. Plunge both hands into a bowl of potato chips and break up as many as you can. Climb a tree and feel the rough, warm bark.

    Inner smell:  Smell a rose garden. Smell an Italian restaurant. Smell the ocean breeze.

    Inner sight:  See a sunrise. See a beloved friend’s face. See a group of medieval nuns in great wimples walking two-by-two through an herb garden.

    Inner hearing:  Hear the pounding of the waves on the beach. Hear the tapping of high heels on the floor. Hear the birds waking the dawn.

The Physiological Level

This has to do with a shift in your identity. Not the usual ego-bound notion of the self, but rather bringing in one of the many selves that accompany you that do not have your particular ego’s history of doubt and distress. There’s simply a purer, more open available self within you.

The Mythic/Symbolic Level

Consider yourself to be on the road of adventure and discovery to bring this intention to life. You are larger than your ordinary self and accept the helpers there to assist you — animals, angels, people, gods and goddesses, the archetype of abundance, and above all, your entelechy or higher self, which provides guidance and opens pathways to the new possibility.

The Spiritual Level

This is the source of quantum reality. In this level you feel a drenching that cleanses your entire being. The regrets and sorrows of your life seem to be washed away and your mind is as clear and luminous as the dawn sky. Here, everything is contained. You have only to think of something and it appears. You have entered the mind of the maker, the great creative force at the center of all there is.

Ready to try it for yourself?

Practice: Enter the Imaginal Realm

Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Imagine the reality you wish to manifest. It should be something that has to do with your enhancement, your betterment, and the betterment of the world around you. Imagine it vividly.

What does your intention taste like?

What does it smell like?

What does it feel like?

What does it look like?

What does it sound like?

Travel now to that place of quantum possibilities where you can choose the patterns for your life to come. See them, feel them, and above all, know them as potential realities that can manifest into the space-time world in which you exist.

Do this until you feel the living force of their reality. Know that the quantum field is drawn into your own vision and is adding elements, coincidences, resources, appropriate people, ideas, and opportunities to help in the realization of your new life story. This is the interdependent co-arising between you and the Universe.

Keep practicing this and it will continue to grow to the point where what began as an imaginative possibility becomes an actualizing probability…

And as opportunities come your way, and begin to fit into the new story you have set into motion, meet them with gratitude: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Jean Houston, Ph.D., scholar, philosopher and researcher in Human Capacities, is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time. Reprinted from