The thing always happens that you really believe in;
and the belief in a thing makes it happen.

— Frank Lloyd Wright

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge
That myth is more potent than history
I believe that dreams are more powerful than facts
That hope always triumphs over experience
That laughter is the only cure for grief
And I believe that love is stronger than death.

— Robert Fulghum

It is better to believe
in something passionately
even if it is wrong,
than to believe in nothing at all.

— Chua Mui Hoong

For those who believe,
no proof is necessary.
For those who don’t believe,
no proof is possible.

— John & Lyn St. Clair Thomas

The reasonable man
adapts himself to the world;
the unreasonable one persists
in trying to adapt the world to himself.
Therefore all progress depends
on the unreasonable man.

— George Bernard Shaw

Somehow I can’t believe
that there are any heights that can’t be scaled
by a man who knows the secrets
of making dreams come true.
This special secret, it seems to me,
can be summarized in four Cs. They are
curiosity, confidence, courage and constancy,
and the greatets of all is confidence.
When you believe in a thing,
believe in it all the way,
implicitly and unquestionably.

— Walt Disney

Believe that life is worth living
and your belief will help create the fact.

— William James

What things soever ye desire,
when ye pray,
believe that ye receive them,
and ye shall have them.

— Mark II:24

All things are possible to him that believeth.

— Mark 9:23

The mind is the limit.
As long as the mind can envision
the fact that you can do something,
you can do it,
as long as you really believe 100 percent.

— Arnold Schwarzenegger

The secret of making something work in your life is,
first of all, the deep desire to make it work;
then the faith to and belief that it can work;
then to hold that clear, definite vision
in your consciousness
and see it working out step by step,
without one thought of doubt or disbelief.

— Eileen Caddy

To accomplish great things,
we must not only act but also dream,
not only dream but also believe.

— Anatole France

Fields are won by those who believe in the winning.

— Thomas W. Higginson

If you don’t believe in something,
you’ll fall for anything.

— unknown

Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good
we oft might win by fearing to attempt.

— Shakespeare

Do not believe in anything
simply because you have heard it.
Do not believe in anything
simply because it is spoken and rumored by many.
Do not believe in anything
simply because it is written in your religious books.
Do not believe in anything merely
on the authority of your teachers and elders.
Do not believe in traditions because they have
been handed down for many generations.
But after observation and analysis,
when you find that anything agrees with reason
and is conducive to the good and benefit
of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.

— The Buddha

Whatever you want in life,
other people are going to want it too.
Believe in yourself enough to accept the idea
that you have an equal right to it.

— Diane Sawyer

If you believe everything you read,
better not read.

— Japanese proverb

If you are anticipating the worst
while hoping for the best,
you will get the worst.
The things that happen to you
are in direct accordance with the things
wherein you place your faith.
Believe you are licked — and you are.

— Harold Sherman

Most of our so-called reasoning
consists in finding arguments
for going on believing as we already do.

— James Harvey Robinson

To accomplish great things,
we must not only act, but also dream;
not only plan, but also believe.

— Anatole France

There are two ways to slide easily through life:
to believe everything or to doubt everything.
Both ways save us from thinking.

— Alfred Korzybski

Doubt kills more dreams
than failure ever will.

— Susie Kassam

The Mind is everything.
What you think,
you become.

— attributed to Buddha