living from the heart

We find greatest joy, not in getting,
but in expressing what we are…
Men do not really live for honors or for pay;
their gladness is not the taking and holding,
but in doing, the striving, the building, the living.
It is a higher joy to teach than to be taught.
It is good to get justice, but better to do it;
fun to have things but more to make them.
The happy man is he who lives the life of love,
not for the honors it may bring,
but for the life itself.

— R.J. Baughan 

The best and most beautiful
things in the world
cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt within the heart.

— Helen Keller

Sometimes the heart sees
what is invisible to the eye.

— unknown

When our eyes see our hands
doing the work of our hearts,
the circle of Creation
is completed inside us,
the doors of our souls fly open,
and love steps forth
to heal everything in sight.

— Michael Bridge

You will find as you look back upon your life
that the moments when you have truly lived
are the moments when you have done things
in the spirit of love.

— Henry Drummond

There are many things in life
that will catch your eye,
but only a few will catch your heart…
pursue those.

— Kathy Baker ( Helen Holt )

If you begin the day
with love in your heart,
peace in your nerves,
and truth in your mind,
you not only benefit by their presence
but also bring them to others,
to your family and friends,
and to all those whose destiny
draws across your path that day.

— unknown

Though we travel the world over
to find the beautiful,
we must carry it with us
or we find it not.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Work like you don’t need the money.
Love like you’ve never been hurt.
Dance like nobody is watching.

— Mark Twain

Life is like music;
it must be composed by ear,
feeling, and instinct,
not by rule.

— Samuel Butler

If you cannot be a poet,
be the poem.

— David Carradine

Let your heart guide you.
It whispers, so listen closely.

— The Land Before Time

Moral character is assessed
not by what a man knows,
but by what he loves.

— Saint Augustine

Even if I knew that tomorrow
the world would go to pieces,
I would still plant my apple tree.

— Martin Luther

Do everything
with so much love in your heart
that you would never want
to do it any other way.

— Yogi Desai

You’ve got to dance like nobody’s watching,
and love like it’s never going to hurt.

— Kathy Mattea