working and money

Work is love made visible.

— Kahlil Gibran

The only place where success
comes before work
is in the dictionary.

— Vidal Sassoon

The supreme accomplishment
is to blur the line
between work and play.

— Arnold Toynbee

Men for the sake of getting a living
forget to live.

— Margaret Fuller

Opportunity is missed by most people
because it is dressed in overalls
and looks like work.

— Thomas Edison

I’m a great believer in luck
and I find the harder I work,
the more I have of it.

— Thomas Jefferson

The man who does not work
for the love of work but only for money
is not likely to make money
nor find much fun in life.

— Charles Schwab

We always admire the other person
more after we’ve tried to do his job.

— William Feather

My grandfather once told me
that there are two kinds of people:
those who work
and those who take the credit.
He told me to try
to be in the first group;
there was less competition there.

— Indira Gandhi

Retirement kills more people
than hard work ever did.

— Malcolm S. Forbes

The brain is a wonderful organ.
It starts working the moment
you get up in the morning
and does not stop
until you get into the office.

— Robert Frost

Success in highest and noblest form
calls for peace of mind
and enjoyment and happiness
which comes only to the man
who has found the work he likes best.

— Napoleon Hill

It is easier to do a job right
than to explain why you didn’t.

— Martin VanBuren

Your work is to discover your world
and then with all your heart
give yourself to it.  

— the Buddha